Legal Same Sex Marriage

Your Legal Gay Marriage Ceremony
Your Legal Civil Partnership Ceremony

Knowing Your Options

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We are absolutely delighted to let you know that Scottish law now recognises legal same sex marriage - hoorah!  
This means that same sex couples who live in Scotland, and same sex couples from other countries who travel to Scotland to get married, can enjoy COMPLETE freedom and flexiblity with every aspect of marriage the same as opposite couples.
You have freedom with WHERE to have your marriage ceremony - if you choose one of us to hold your ceremony for you, here in Scotland, you can have it anywhere literally.  You can get married in the castle, hotel or house of your choice, the beach, loch-side or garden outside - and it can be legally recognised.
If you choose a ceremony with one of us, you have the freedom to have a ceremony in accordance with your wishes and beliefs.  There are some simple legal requirements, but otherwise, your ceremony is not restricted by us and can be religious, part religious, non religious, spiritual, humanist, green, a handfasting, simple, elaborate - whatever you choose.
Getting Married Legally in Scotland
The process of applying to be legally married in Scotland is now the same for both same and opposite sex couples.
- You apply in advance to have a Legal Same Sex Marriage by filling in M10 forms, giving proof of ID and address, and paying fees to the Registrar at the Registry Office closest to where your ceremony will take place - this can be done by post or in person.  All marriages have to be applied for this way as Registrars administrate all legal weddings, but you still only need the one ceremony held by us.  The application must be received no later than 29days prior to getting married, and not before 3months before the date you'll marry on.
- Your legal Same Sex Marriage must be witnessed by two people aged sixteen or over.
- As your authorised Minister/Celebrant, there are no 'set' vows that you have to use, however you need to clearly state that you take one another as spouse, and we would help you choose wording to refect what you'd like to say, and ensure it's legal.  During the ceremony we also oversee the signing of the legal paperwork.
- We are authorised to hold Legal religious and non religious Civil Partnerships too - like a marriage you need to apply in advance, give 'Notice of Intent' with forms CP10, and need to give proof of ID and address, and also nominate two legal witnesses.

Converting your Civil Partnership into a Legal Marriage in Scotland 

If you had your legal Civil Partnership in Scotland, you can now convert your Civil Partnership into a legal Marriage - we can advise you with what you need to do when.
Any questions please drop us a line - Angie for the Highlands and the North (Inverness, Aberdeen), and Jane for the South (Edinburgh, Glasgow)