Making a Booking

 You've got clear you'd like to make a Booking
How to take things forward

If you're not sure which ceremony option you'd like, it doesn't matter as we begin in the same way and you may only get clear as we go along. 

This is how we would work together:

  • You decide on the date, time and location, and invite one of us to hold your Marriage Ceremony for you

  • To set the ball rolling you fill in a form and return it to us with a deposit, then we send you a letter of confirmation, and some questions to reflect on

  • Through the questions we gather practical information from you (how long you'd like the ceremony to last; what kind of atmosphere you'd like; who'll be there)

  • Through the personal questions we find out about each of you individually (what you love about each other, why you’re taking this step)

  • We take into account your beliefs and those of your friends and family who'll attend the ceremony (if any) so we can use the most fitting language (names for God / Spirit etc) for you

  • We guide and help you to select the readings, music, prayers and creative or traditional ritual and elements you would like to have included

  • Once we’ve gathered the information you can relax and know we've got everything we need to weave your ceremony together - you don't need to worry about the order of things, we will create the flow and structure

  • We produce a first draft for you to hear or read and approve; then we make any changes needed for you to be 100% happy, and we work out the choreography

  • All that remains then is for us all to show up on the day!