Your Civil Partnership Ceremony

Inspiration and Ideas
for your Personal and Unique Ceremony

If choosing a 'Bespoke' or 'Themed' ceremony you can include ritual and involve your guests - you might like a hand tying ritual, a candle lighting ritual, or a quaich ritual - we have many more ideas that we could explore along the way.

With all ceremony options you can choose to include at least one reading if you wish.  A 'Basic' ceremony can include one, and a 'Themed' and 'Bespoke' more than one depending on your ideal length of ceremony and other content.

You can have your ceremony inside or outside, with you and your friends standing or sitting, in the round or facing all one way, or in a horseshoe - we'll discuss how you envisage your ceremony set up and what will work practically as it will depend on your location.  We will explore all the practical set up of your ceremony to ensure everything has been thought of in advance of your day, so that everything can run smoothly.

Whichever type of ceremony you go for, you have the option of including the following:

  • music to begin and end with (you choose pre-recorded or live)
  • suitable words of introduction and welcome
  • prayerful words which would include everyone regardless of faith or no faith
  • an acknowledgement of the occasion and those present
  • an address which would be all about you and written by us from the personal information we gather from you
  • an exchange of personal vows by you
  • an exchange of rings or other symbolic gifts by you
  • some words written by us for you to send you off into your future together, perhaps a final blessing of you a pronouncement of you as 'partners for life' or whatever terms you wish us to use