Gay Marriage Ceremony Options

Ceremony Options
to reflect your Vision and your Budget

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We can create and hold your ceremony for you - just as every couple is unique so is every ceremony we create.

We promise that we will bring your ceremony to life with joy, and that it will feel personal and meaningful to you in every way.
We aim for your ceremony to be a profound experience for you and we support you to write your own vows if you wish, and can personalise the address in the ceremony to acknowledge how far you've come together, and in so doing we make way for your shared future together.
However long, short, traditional or creative, your ceremony is unique and customised for you, and you're free to choose according to your ideas and budget, the ceremony that will best suit your needs as a couple.
'Tailor-made' Ceremony  
We start with a blank page and you get to choose every aspect of your ceremony from length to content. We offer you ideas if you need them and guide you every step of the way.

'Themed' Ceremony  
This version of ceremony gives a starting place with ideas for structure, ritual and some of the content of your ceremony which you may find less overwhelming than beginning with a blank page.

'Simple' Ceremony  
This ceremony is short and sweet. There's no ritual in this option, and a much shorter address with just one reading of your choice. 
Prices start at £395 - please email Jane or Angie for further information.