Same Sex Marriage is now recognised by UK law

Gay Marriage Ceremony is now recognised by UK law

Religious Civil Partnerships are now recognised by UK law

Gay wedding ceremony in ScotlandAngie Alexandra - Interfaith ministerScotland civil partnership

You can have your
legal Same Sex Marriage Ceremony or legal Civil Partnership Ceremony
anyHOW and anyWHERE in Scotland?

- choose your perfect location, whether that be hotel, castle, beach, loch side;
your ceremony can be literally anywhere in Scotland, it's YOUR choice!

You can have a personal and unique
legal Gay Marriage Ceremony or legal Lesbian Wedding Ceremony
written JUST for you?

- creative or traditional, it's your CHOICE!

You can have a
legal same sex Marriage or legal Civil Partnership Ceremony
to reflect YOU, which has joy, meaning and depth? 

- you're free to choose the music, readings, ritual and vows you'd like;
with all elements of your ceremony, YOU get to CHOOSE!

As ministers and celebrants we are authorised to hold legal same sex MARRIAGE!  

We feel that whether a ceremony is the union of a man and a man, a woman and a woman, or a man and a woman, what’s important is that the ceremony is the outer representation of the joining and sacred union of two people and a celebration of the love they share.

We greet enquiries openheartedly and wholeheartedly from all couples who would like to have a legal Same Sex Marriage Ceremony based on equality, respect and love.

We intend for you to feel understood, safe and supported as you journey towards this big step and assure you of our commitment to ensuring your questions are answered, and your needs are met with sensitivity and efficiency, and that you will have a legal Lesbian Wedding or Gay Marriage Ceremony that you feel 100% happy with.

Scotland offers you a wealth of wonderful locations for your ceremony from castles and hotels, to beaches and loch-sides - also unusual locations like a lighthouse or a boat on Loch Ness.  We're very happy to offer ideas regarding where to have your ceremony. Angie is based in rural Northern Scotland and willing to travel to hold your ceremony; as is Jane who is based near Edinburgh.

Though we're not wedding planners, depending on our other commitments we can sometimes offer some organisational ideas and support with your preparations - please ask if you need this kind of additional support.

We hope you enjoy looking through this website, and trust that you'll contact us if you have any questions.

Warmest blessings, Angie & Jane