Gay Marriage Scotland - The Ceremony

Creating Your Marriage Ceremony
What would you like?

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We don’t sit down with you and let you know what you can have, we sit down with you and ask you what you’d like and do our utmost to accommodate your wants and wishes.

We can create the perfect ceremony for you whether you consider yourself religious, spiritual, agnostic or an atheist, or anywhere within the vast spectrum of beliefs in-between.

  • If you’re of no particular religion but have a spiritual understanding and a belief in God or a Higher Power.

  • If you have religious beliefs but don’t practice or attend any house of worship.

  • If you’re spiritual but not religious.

  • If you’re agnostic or aren’t sure what you believe.

  • If you consider yourself to have no faith or to be a non-believer or atheist.

  • If you consider yourself religious or spiritual, but on account of your personal circumstances, those who would normally support you are unable or unwilling to respond to your ceremony request.Once you’ve decided to have a ceremony either of us would be very happy to have an informal chat to find out what you’re looking for and what ideas you’ve had, also to answer your questions and tell you more about what we can offer. We invite you to give us a call or email us with any queries or to check our availability for the date you’ve chosen.It’s not a problem for us if we’re not able to meet up prior to the ceremony. We’ve successfully held ceremonies for people who live outside Scotland who come over just to get married.